A Bartender’s Prayer

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This statuette, reminiscent of the plastic Jesus one might find “magnetized” to the dashboard of one’s car in decade’s past, appeared in our office just days ago.

The accompanying card proclaims the saint to be St. Martha. patron saint of all those who work for tips, an idea that Beaver, in the background, clearly finds amusing.

Beaver, however, upon further review of the invocation on the card and perhaps not without some counsel from Brotherman Pat, seems to suspend his disbelief and re-think the idea of a petition to this polystyrene pietist.

Until finally, figuring why take a chance, and before grabbing their tills to head out for their shift, the two barmen, now looking like true supplicants. take a second to fold their hands, bow their heads and commune with this lesser-known saint and maybe, just maybe, parlay their prayers into a more lucrative night.