A 1985 Key West Vacation

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These two youtube videos below were sent to me by a friend. The are the homemade travelogue of someone’s (larry’s) 1985 visit to The Keys.
They are just another reason to love youtube and the things that can be mined from their archives.
These are a great look back at a Key West not too long ago but sadly already beginning to lose things we took for granted then. Look for the Deli and Houseboat Row among others. On a more topical note look for the recently and instantly vanished Atlantic Shores.
To me not the least of it’s appeal is the soundtrack provided solely by Larry’s car radio blaring Wail 99 as he cruises around the island and up the keys.
Some sequences of the tapes can appear to have kind of a voyeuristic bent at times but we’ll just chalk that up to larry’s harmless curiosity and his wanting to see, as we all do, what the guy, or gal, is up to just around the next bend in the road.
Our Thanks to Dakin and Nick for passing these on.
See if you can find the Parrot’s cameo on Part 3.