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2006 Fiddlers’ Contest

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Terry Cassidy announces the co-champs of this year’s contest: Brian from the Weary Boys on the left and Chuck Anton on the right

Bob Murphy, patriarch of Murphy’s Law Family String Band saws through a tune in the contest

Chuck plays his selection as Brian looks on

A stagefull of fiddlers

A full house lovin’ every minute of it.

This year’s Murphy’s Law Family String Band, left to right, Chuck Anton, Seamus Murphy, Gary Zimmerman, Kathy Murphy and Bob Murphy. Notable in her absence, Seamus’ twin sister and bassist Caitlin Murphy, watching via the Green Parrot web cam from University of Florida in Gainseville.

A poster proclaims the 13th Annual Tune or Die Old Time Fiddlers’ Contest

A Plaque on the wall awaits one of the winners

The crowd gets wound up for The Weary Boys’ set. Koy swings his partner

More Fiddling fans as former state fiddling champ Sharon from Barnstorm takes the stage

A few of The Weary Boys woodshedin’ out back before their turn in the contest

Gary Zimmerman and Fritz look on as Bob Murphy again cautions folks to “tune it or die”

Long-time judge Timmy Wegman of A 440 studios still appears incredulous that a seat was actually reserved for him

A view from the back of the stage as the high-octane barn burners The Weary Boys kick off their raucos set.

Kathy and Bob Murphy show how it’s done
Twin fiddlers Chuck Anton and Seamus Murphy

Today’s lin up announced on the back porch

Good friend and former Conch Republic fiddling champ David Wegman hasn’t been able to make it every year but the fiddler he painted on the back door watches over all who enter.