National Poetry Month at The Green Parrot:Armor by Ann Reichmann

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national poetry month at The Green Parrot Bar in Key West

Thinking once again of National Poetry Month at The Green Parrot and recalling something that happened here during Jack Hackett’s “One for the Road, a Poem-a-Day” that demonstrated to me the magic that can be created by the spoken word in the simple but rich setting of a barroom.
Before the band started their 5:30 Soundcheck set Jack Hackett read his poem, Trombone Solo by Stoddard King and when he had finished, he invited anyone else who had something to read to do so.
I said, by way of encouragement, “Who’s next? I know there are some folks out there who have a poem that they’d like to share, one either committed to memory, banging around in their head somewhere, or maybe folded up on a scrap of paper they’ve carried around for years tucked away in their wallet”.
Well, up to the microphone stepped Amy, a local patron, who said she had a poem she would like to read, and it was indeed a poem that she in fact had kept for years folded up in her wallet, given to her by her mother some four decades ago.
She unfolded the tiny, deeply-creased scrap of paper and, with her mother seated at the bar just a few feet away, listening, began to read the poem.

Armor by Ann Reichmann:

You don’t know it
But I never really leave you
When I go off to work
I tuck the warmth of you
under my sweater.
I fold the sound of you
into my mind.
I roll up your smile and
hide it behind my eyelids
so every time I blink
I laugh with you.
I paint the touch of you
On every spot that may be vulnerable,
And just before I walk into the world
I raise the parasol of your love
over me
Safe-until I’m home again

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